Hello friends,

I’m the Partybär and I’ve come to you in Tyrol from the distant glaciers of the Arctic.

  • I love parties more than anything
  • I love to cuddle
  • I love being photographed
  • And I’m also a great dancer
  • I always come with balloons
  • And presents

Let’s share happiness and joy!

We are happy to come to your party and entertain you (about 30 minutes), bring smiles and joy and also gifts.


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Additional Accessories

Enchant your celebration with Jolu: The enchanting treasures of Jolu the party bear. Bring laughter and joy to the hearts of your loved ones with our cute and charming additions. Shop now for handmade toys loved by children. Add balloons and flowers for an unforgettable celebration.


The Party Bear is perfect for all kinds of celebrations! From children's birthday parties and graduation parties to adult parties, store openings and even corporate events, the bear will keep things fun and exciting.

You get the whole package! This includes:

- The 3m or the 2.6m party bear: ready to dance and entertain your guests.

- WOW effect: everyone will be happy to see a giant polar bear.

- Dancing fun: watch the bear dance and put a smile on everyone's face!

- Photos: Pose and capture fun memories with the party bear.

- Surprise gift: We always bring a gift for the birthday child (or guest of honor) to enhance the celebration.

The entire visit includes 3-4 songs to which the party bear dances with your guests. After the performance your guests can take photos with the party bear and of course he hands over a gift for the guest of honor. The performance lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

If the Party Bear does not have another invitation to the next party afterwards, you are welcome to talk to the party bear's assistant about extending the performance; he/she has all the necessary information. It may be necessary to take a short break in between.

No, but if the performance is indoors, our 2.6 meter bear will come (note: room height must be at least 2.70 meters). Of course, if the weather and location permit, we recommend performing outdoors.

The Party Bear brings everything he needs himself. He also has a loudspeaker with him. You just need to provide a suitable location and a quiet corner to change in. We don't want to destroy the magic of the Party Bear by letting everyone watch us prepare him.

Yes, the Party Bear is far too big to fit into a car when inflated. However, he looks for a quiet corner so that the WOW effect on your guests is great.

Yes, but this must be announced when booking so that the Party Bear can practice the dance steps. However, the Party Bear has prepared selected songs. BE SURE TO CLARIFY THIS BEFOREHAND WHEN BOOKING!

Our giant polar bear is the ultimate eye-catcher! He's perfect for attracting crowds and causing a stir at grand openings, promotions or other business events.

The bear needs at least a free space of about 3x3 meters to work comfortably. We will discuss the specific space requirements at the time of booking.

We also have a 2 meter and a 2.6 metre Party Bear to entertain your guests indoors as well. Please specify when booking!

Don't worry! Our team will take care of all the set-up and dismantling for you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the fun.

Definitely! The bear is made of high-quality, durable material and is constantly checked for safety.

We do not offer full customization, but we can discuss your specific wishes. For example, if you have a specific theme for your event, we may be able to incorporate this into the performance of the bear.

Have any more questions? Contact Jolu Events today and let’s talk about how we can make your event unforgettable with our party bear!