Kids Party

Welcome to the JUNGLE – the ultimate destination for celebrating your child’s birthday in the most memorable way!

We offer the best way to celebrate your kids’ birthday. Let’s create a dream party with our animators and embark on a thrilling jungle tour. With our personalized treasure map, your child and their friends will navigate through 5 amazing stations where they will need to show bravery, agility, and skill to collect clues and unlock the treasure chest.

In addition, we also offer a jungle-themed picnic experience, where the children can relax on comfortable cushions around a beautifully decorated table and have a great time. Our package includes decorations, flags, and a decorative tent – everything you need for a truly immersive jungle adventure!

Send us your inquiry, and we will ensure that we turn your dreams into reality in the most unique and exciting way possible.

Contact us today and give your child the best birthday gift ever!

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