Mafia / Werewolf

Do you like to take on other roles? Would you like to expand your range of experience? Expand your social circle? Then the game “Mafia” is just right for you.

When you sit down at the Mafia table with the other players, everything that was familiar to you will begin to change. You enter a world that seems like a smaller version of the normal world.

Mafia is a reflection of the system of our society. There is an immediate reaction to every action you take. You can directly understand cause and effect.

A relationship between cause and effect that would remain hidden for a long time in normal life.

Every emotion is allowed here.

Do you want to cry? Cry!

Do you want to scream? Scream!

It’s a game that makes you think. About people, about the relationships between them. About yourself. It reveals all your weaknesses and strengths, sometimes in completely unexpected ways.

Here you begin to see and understand the motives behind other people’s behavior. When the game is over, you will remember everything that happened for some time and mentally analyze it.

You will remember that the person you didn’t trust throughout the game was actually you, and the person you protected was an evil mafioso. But how and why? – you ask yourself.

Then you will notice that you want to play more and more to answer this question.

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The game "Mafia" is the best game training to test and develop negotiation skills. Among the games for joint leisure of private companies and organizations, the game "Mafia" stands out in that it is not only a great pastime, but also promotes the development of various communication and acting skills.

The game "Mafia" helps to develop the ability to analyze, compare the information received by the players and draw conclusions from it. The game promotes critical thinking. In addition, in the game you have to follow your role, for which you need acting skills and the art of convincing other players to follow your plan.

Between 30 and 80 minutes, depending on the number of participants. The more people at the table, the longer the game lasts. For example, if 10 people are playing, the game usually lasts 45-75 minutes.

The goal of each team is to find all the opponents and send them to the gallows. The game is divided into two phases: alternating "day" and "night".

Once the roles have been distributed, the game leader announces night and all players close their eyes (or wear masks that do not allow them to see anything).

The civilians win when they have tracked down all the Mafiosi and "sent them to their deaths". The Mafia wins when it is mathematically impossible for the civilians to win. (2 against 1 rule)

Children can play Mafia from around age 10. However, if your child is very active and never sits still for more than five minutes, it will be very difficult.

We recommend Mafia for children ages 10 and up.

People of different ages enjoy playing the game, it is popular with all children, teenagers and adults. A big advantage is that the game Mafia can be adapted for children. The roles of adults are replaced by age-appropriate, but no less interesting characters. Mafia is an ideal game for team building, where each participant can demonstrate his leadership skills during the game and come up with his own game strategy.