Mafia Classic

Price: €299

Special offer: €199

1 game
10 people
1.5 hours
Game setup, decorations, candles, drinking water

Minimum: 8 players
Maximum: 12 players
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Mafia is a real game of intrigue and psychology, where you need concentration, the ability to hide your emotions, sober calculation and observation. All this makes the game Mafia a real find for absolutely all types of people. This game allows you to really develop your ability to analyze, understand human psychology and deduce.

Mafia is a team-based turn-based role-playing game with a detective plot. At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a role, and all further actions are already determined by his character.

The essence of the game “Mafia” is a struggle for survival with elements of acting and brings a sea of ​​intellectual pleasure. The entertainment is based on communication, contact and intuition. You have to recognize fraud and deception, pretense and betrayal. At the same time, “Mafia” is a psychological and mathematical game. As for the mathematical component, participants must remember the previous voting results in order to correctly analyze the roles, because whoever votes for a civilian more often usually ends up in the clan of criminals. Players must take on the role in order to convince everyone of their honesty and gain the trust of the other participants. Persuasion skills are needed so that players do not notice when they have begun to suspect a particular civilian.


With each round, there are fewer peaceful citizens, and nerves are more and more frayed because of the inability to understand the actions of the mafiosi. None of the honest players can be completely sure of the participant sitting next to them. Only intuition helps to believe one or more participants who perfectly fake it or are actually honest.

It is dangerous to trust anyone in this game, even if you are playing with a loved one. Here you can form an unspoken alliance, set some players against others, and pretend to be another character without leaving your seat and only using body language and psychological tricks. The “mafiosi”, who know each other by sight, must work together to choose a victim and protect each other, while the “civilians” must blindly search for criminals and try not to harm each other.

In the end, it is the task of all players to win over the other participants and convince them of their honesty, without forgetting to count and evaluate the votes of the others to determine who really belongs to the mafia. The game is won by the “survivors”.

Important!!! Be careful, playing Mafia is addictive, once played you will want to repeat this unique experience.


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